Mick Say

Online Business Development Consultant at the Online Marketing Academy. Providing Digital Marketing Services, Website Development and Training for UK Businesses

Canterbury, United Kingdom


Member Since 2012
Last Updated Mar 4 2015


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  • Connector 3

    A great networker.

  • Reliable 2

    Endorsed by Users as Reliable

  • Longtimer 3

    Has participated in social media for years.

  • Clean

    Does not leave a mess

  • Transparency 2

    Puts a lot of themselves out there.

  • Interactive 3

    A frequent user of Social Networks.

  • Helpful 3

    Endorsed by Users as Helpful

  • Friendly 3

    Endorsed by Users as Friendly

  • Considerate 3

    Endorsed by Users as Considerate

  • Accountable 3

    Takes responsibility for actions

  • Generous 3

    Endorsed by Users as Generous

  • Compassionate 2

    Endorsed by Users as Compassionate

  • Influencer 2

    Their posts are read by many people.

  • Punctual 2

    Endorsed by Users as Punctual

  • Efficient 2

    Gets things done quickly & methodically

  • Organized 3

    Brings order to situations


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