Nadine Hack

Named one of Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior. Executive-in-Residence Emerita IMD Business School. CEO beCause Global Consulting. Advised Fortune 500 companies, heads of state & others globally to clarify & achieve goals. Served as non-executive director on for- & not-for profit boards. Internationally known pioneering work on Strategic Relational Engagement (SRE™) improves stakeholder engagement for productivity, profit & sustainability

Geneva Area, Switzerland


Member Since 2012
Last Updated Mar 4 2015
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  • Interactive 2

    A frequent user of Social Networks.

  • Efficient

    Gets things done quickly & methodically

  • Considerate

    Endorsed by Users as Considerate

  • Auction 2

    Good citizen in online auctions.

  • Influencer 3

    Their posts are read by many people.

  • Punctual

    Endorsed by Users as Punctual

  • Longtimer 3

    Has participated in social media for years.

  • Clean

    Does not leave a mess

  • Friendly

    Endorsed by Users as Friendly

  • Accountable

    Takes responsibility for actions

  • Connector 3

    A great networker.

  • Compassionate

    Endorsed by Users as Compassionate

  • Generous

    Endorsed by Users as Generous

  • Transparency 3

    Puts a lot of themselves out there.

  • Reliable

    Endorsed by Users as Reliable

  • Helpful

    Endorsed by Users as Helpful

  • Organized

    Brings order to situations


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