Trust is Critical to your Sharing Site success

Weak trust between members is a major barrier to adoption on your rapidly growing sharing site. Peer-to-peer networks are, by definition, marketplaces of strangers. A trust system gives your users confidence to make better decisions in their peer-to-peer transactions.

Many sharing sites have peer feedback and trust features built from scratch. While internal peer feedback systems are relevant and useful in the context of that community, it can take a prohibitively long time to get critical mass of customer feedback like that on eBay.

Studies show that online businesses using external badges like Truste, Macafee, and VeriSign enjoy much higher user engagement. The ultimate goal of a successful peer-to-peer site is to increase users’ engagement with each other— so empowering users to easily and quickly show trustworthiness is a huge win for your site.

TrustCloud is Easy to Integrate

We offer an external trust system that is easy to integrate and maintain. Most importantly, it frees up your time to innovate on the core competencies of your sharing site!

TrustCloud provides easy-to-understand trust indicators that enable smoother, faster and more frequent transactions. We jumpstart your sharing site’s trust system by giving new users a trustworthiness foundation by which they can start transacting to build internal feed peer feedback on your site.

We obsess over your User Experience

The TrustCloud product is designed to be a seamless part of your site’s user experience that brings immediate, actionable, and lasting value to your users. Users can claim trust profiles within 30 seconds. We care deeply about the user experience on your site, and have built a flexible API that supports turnkey or customizations of color, size, even lightboxed UI elements to keep users engaged.

TrustCloud is Free

Our products are currently offered to our users free of charge.

We currently offer 2 products:

  • TrustCard Widget:
    We’ve made adding a TrustCard to your site is easy. All you need is lines of code and 15 minutes of basic CSS web
  • TrustCloud API:
    The TrustCloud API allows programmatic access to our members’ identity verification, TrustScores and badges for easy integration for the specific needs of your sharing site.

Non-developers can use TrustCloud plugins for popular blog, website, and personal identity sites like WordPress, Tumblr, and

A full list of TrustCloud plugins can be found on the Use Your TrustCard page.

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